Control Your Costs

Control Your Costs

Cut Business Printing Costs

Reducing office expenses should be on every employer’s list of priorities. One way to reduce costs is with your printer. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to cut business printing costs, so you have more to spend on other essentials.

Apply Default Settings

You can customize jobs to naturally print less. For example, you can have the default setting on a printer to be double-sided, so you are only using half the amount of paper.

Get Energy Star Technology

When it comes to the initial purchase of a printer or copier, you should see if it has an Energy Star label. These devices use less electricity, so you save money in the long run on overall energy costs.

Monitor Print Jobs

Pay attention to which jobs require color and which ones do not. If it is not essential for a page to be in bright, vibrant colors, then you should not utilize colored ink for the task.

Inform Employees

Make reduced printing costs a company-wide effort. Tell people to only print when it is absolutely necessary in order to eliminate wasted pages.

These are just a few of the ways to cut business printing costs, but you should see if there is anything else that works well at your company. Fill out this online form if you need additional assistance cutting back on expenses.