Xerox Mobile Printing Solutions

Xerox Mobile Printing Solutions | Shamrock Office Solutions

In today’s marketplace, everyone practically has their own personal computer right in their pocket. That is not all, everyone also has a personal laptop and some people even do business from a tablet. With all these devices, it just makes sense to offer mobile printing capabilities around your office, so people can print from literally anywhere.

Benefits of Mobile Printing

With wireless printing solutions, you can set up your equipment anywhere in the building. However, it can be a hassle if people have to go to the room to printer is located in order to do a job. With mobile solutions, all you have to do is connect the printer to your network and have the mobile device connected to the same network. You are then capable of printing with ease.

Wireless printers and smartphones are a match made in heaven. Additional advantages to utilize with this efficient system include:

  • More secure printing jobs
  • Able to access files even if they are not to be printed
  • Connect to printing units that are out of the network
  • A more simplified printing process


Mobile printing is the way of the future, and you do not want to be left behind. Contact one of our representatives by filling out our online form. We are here to help you get the tools you need to excel.